Disposable Face Masks Earloop Blue 3-Ply Unisex Mouth & Nose Cover 50 Pcs


  • Comfortable and breathable to wear for long hours, soft and skin-friendly, easy to use
  • Effectively protect against germs, dust and air pollution. Safeguard your health
  • Constructed from superior quality 3-ply polyester
    • Layer 1, the nonwovens colored layer is your first line of defense
    • Layer 2, the meltblown cloth minimizes particle dispersal for the ultimate layer of defense
    • Layer 3, the soft, non-abrasive inner layer makes it comfortable to touch your skin
  • FDA Compliant

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A disposable 3-ply face mask with 3 layer filtration system use for general purpose infection control. When worn properly, it will help to reduce the potential exposure to harmful bacteria and bodily fluids. It is leak-proof, anti-droplets, antibacterial, and 100% brand new in the box. This is a single use product. DO NOT reuse.

Quick test to verify if you receive a 3-ply disposable face mask:
  1. With the blue layer (Layer 1) face up, pour some water on it. The water should not penetrate to bottom white layer (Layer 3)
  2. Cut the side of the face mask open, make sure you will see 3 layers.
  3. Tear all 3 layer separated, use a lighter to burn white middle layer (Layer 2), the layer’s material should just melt. Flame never comes out.
Weight0.37 lbs
Dimensions7.87 × 4.33 × 3.54 in


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